Scrabble is a table game where you have to place letters on a game field in order to create a world. Sperasoft, Inc. Studio decided to create this game for PC and developed it back in 2013. The rules remain the same, but they added many interesting game modes to make the game more alluring. However, there is no multiplayer mode. You can play with your computer or with your friends with the help of a split screen function. You can download Scrabble on your PC or MAC devices. Scrabble is not a free game to play.

Graphics: 4.5

Scrabble uses common graphics, and we cannot say much about it. The game is not a Triple-A project, but just a usual table game, so the graphics here is not very important. Nevertheless, the game field is clearly visible. You can also see all the letters, words, and statistics because the text here is highlighted. The background is static but colorful and not monotonous. We should also mention that there is an animation of moving letters, which makes the game look more dynamic. The graphics in Scrabble are not bad.

Gameplay: 4

We should start with the fact that there are only three levels of difficulty in Scrabble. Many people do not like this, but we can assure you, that it will be pretty hard to beat the AI on a hard level of difficulty. In the beginning, you can select a game mode. For example, you can play a classic scrabble or select a maximum number of points that will lead you to your victory. You can also play ticks next to some game options. For example, you can turn off and on the duplicate words, set a difficulty, and select a game mode (to play vs. Computer or solo mode).

Once the game has started, you have 7 letters in your inventory. Your mission is to perform a word by placing the letters on the gaming field. After your move, the opponent has to do the same thing. A person who gets more points wins. If it is hard for you to see the world, you can shuffle the letters, and it may help you in recognizing the word.

Controls: 5

Controls here are as easy as it is possible. You have to use your mouse to play this game. Use the LMB to select a game mode. Basically, the only button you need in this game is your LMB. You can also connect a gamepad and play like that. It does not matter because controls in Scrabble are really simple.

Replay Value: 5

Scrabble is a great time-killer. You can also play it as much as you want if you are a fan of puzzle games. You can also play Scrabble with your friends. Each game you will get different letters, but your mission will remain the same - perform a word and win the game.

The Bottom Line

Scrabble is an interesting game, but not dynamic. It is a perfect choice if you want to relax and have some fun with your friends or family. We hope that this Scrabble review was helpful.

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