A-Train 8 is a simulator where you will have to develop the city with the help of trains. However, you cannot control the trains. They move without your help. Their mission is to transport resources so you could earn money and build or upgrade various buildings. However, many players criticized the game, and we are going to tell you why in this A-Train 8 review. A-Train 8 was released more than 10 years ago - in 2008. It is available for download only on Windows platform. It should also be mentioned that A-Train 8 is not a free game to play.

Graphics: 2.5

Graphics in A-Train 8 game are pretty plain. And no wonder, the game was released in 2008. All the buildings have bad textures. The same thing we can say about the trains. Objects in A-Train simulator look like they were made of paper. Nevertheless, they are clearly visible, despite the fact that each model has old textures. The city at night looks beautiful, and you will surely get used to these graphics.

It is also worth mentioning that there are no well-detailed shadows in this game. To be honest, you will hardly see them. These small details make the game less realistic. But despite the fact that A-Train 8 uses old graphics, the picture was not bad in 2008 comparing to other simulators.

Gameplay: 2.5

One of the main disadvantages of this game is the menu. You will see a long list with various sections, most of them are useless, and you will use very rarely. However, you will get used to the menu if you spend some time learning the sections. The next disadvantage of A-Train 8 is that developers haven't changed that much in the game mechanics. For example, your mission remains the same. You have to develop the city, by transporting resources and earning money on various upgrades. Buildings and factories remain the same. The game becomes boring after a few hours of playing because the game process is monotonous. You cannot control trains, the amount of transported resources, etc.

Controls: 5

Controls in this game are easy. You should play this game by clicking on your LMB. You can upgrade buildings, select trains, and move the camera with the help of your mouse. As a bonus, you will see a tutorial at the beginning of A-Train 8, so it should not be hard for you to play this game.

Replay Value: 2.5

As it was mentioned before, the game becomes boring and monotonous after a few hours of gameplay. There is not much to do in A-Train 8 game, so you will probably not want to play this game again.

The Bottom Line

You can try to play A-Train 8 especially if you are a fan of simulators. However, the game is old, and you may surely find some better game to play.

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