is a simulation video game. The initial release date is August 3, 2013. The game was developed and published by BeamNG company. This simulation game has a single-player mode with a multiseat. coming out on the Microsoft Windows platform only, and you can install the latest update on Steam. Download today and enjoy the gameplay!

Graphics 5/5

The review showed that the game has incredibly realistic graphics. It imitates the look of real roads with their landscapes: for example, you will go along the ocean shore or in the mountains. The cars are also very realistic. What’s more, the developers created great animations that can imitate the crash or how the car is riding on the broken road.

Gameplay 5/5

The game has several gameplay modes. Overall, we can divide them into two main groups: time trials and campaigns. In the first mode, you have to select the car, the road, a level, and then show the best time to complete this route. The only competitor of you is you. Will you be able to break your own best time? On the other hand, campaign mode does not give you such a broad range of customizations. The vast majority of things are chosen automatically. Also, there is a free roam mode where you can try the vehicles and change the environmental conditions.

This game is for you if you like car racing with a realistic experience. The developers invested much time to built the environment in the game as realistic as possible.

Controls 5/5

As we have already mentioned is only available on the Microsoft Windows platform. Therefore, you can use the keyboard and a mouse to play the game. The review showed that’s commands are easy to remember and have a lot of similarities with other racing games. You can browse the tutorial on the Internet or read it inside the game.

Replay Value 3/5

The first impression of the game is WOW! You will try mode by mode, switch between them, explore new cars and routes. But as soon as you discover all the game’s opportunities, it is nothing to do. We recommend the developers to add the multiplayer mode to increase the replay value rank.

The Bottom Line is a wonderful game with almost endless opportunities. It is considered as an open-world game, meaning that you can explore its universe any moment without access limits. The game was developed in 2013, but it was published on Steam as the Early Access game in 2015. BeamNG company is a small team, and this game is their first release. Among the minuses, it is worth to mention the absence of multiplayer mode, and that it is only available on the Microsoft Windows platform. Overall, we recommend you download on your computer.

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