Fortnite is a free to play a 3rd person shooter game in the Battle Royale genre. In this game, you can experience massive multiplayer battles and try to become the only survivor among 100 players that participate in a round. You can play solo or in teams of 4 players. You can download Fortnite for your PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

Graphics: 4.5

Fortnite game visuals are driven by Unreal Engine 4. This advanced graphical core presents a very smooth and bright image with a high distance of visibility. Characters and terrains in the game are not realistic, though. This game is more like a playable digital cartoon, and that’s very fun.

Gameplay: 5

Fortnite gameplay consists of two modes. The single-player mode is a traditional PvE zombie shooter with an opportunity to build fortifications to resist enemies. This mode is available for offline play only on consoles and desktop devices because the involvement of players is very low.

Fortnite free to play component is called Battle Royale. This PvP mode made this game the most popular online entertainment of the last 3 years. Every game session is a battle of 100 players on a single map with constantly shrinking borders. Your primary objective is to stay alive and eliminate everyone you meet.

At the beginning of every round, you have to land from a flying school bus and find a weapon. Then you can destroy various objects to collect materials for building and create a fort to ensnare other players. You can also travel across the map and visit forts of other players to kill them faster. The rules of Fortnite Battle Royale game forbid to stay in one play for the whole deathmatch. If you don’t follow the rule, the border kills you.

Controls: 4.5

Fortnite review of versions for PC, consoles, and smartphones showed that this game is brilliantly optimized for all gaming platforms. However, the PC version is the choice of the vast majority of professional Fortnite players.

Replay Value: 4.5

Original PvE Fortnite full game is not very interesting as you have to complete rows of repetitive quests. On the contrary, the Battle Royale mode is highly immersive because you can fight with different players every time. The chances to meet someone twice are meager because there are more than 200 million players.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite latest version is a game based on an elementary idea that proved to be the perfect solution for a multiplayer shooter. Due to the ever-growing community, you can play against real people 24/7. The numbers speak for themselves. This game attracts the most significant number of players worldwide.

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