Download My Summer Car, and you will get all round in one. You will own, build, tune, maintain cars and survive. This is a simulator of the above activities. The events happen in the 1990's in the Finnish countryside. You are the key character. The goal is simple: to get as many scores as possible. 

Graphics: 4

Graphics are good, realistic, full of the tiniest details. You will certainly like the environment, sceneries, and characters. Everything is designed in accordance with Finland reality. In a garage or in a store you will find a great number of parts which are true copies of real analogues.

Gameplay: 4

Purpose of the game is to survive when keeping the survival stats. Though, building a car is a major goal. Starting with hundreds of loose parts of a car which should be assembled you will pass through various stories. You will create a vehicle, try to find related parts, combine them, make mistakes, reassemble and try again. When this target is achieved, you can give a sigh of relief for a short while. Now continue playing. You are expected to maintain your car and do not forget about yourself. You are offered to sleep, eat, drink, entertain including riding along the countryside and enjoy summer activities including sauna bathing. You can even do stupid things if you drink too much beer. But be ready that such behavior can cause trouble with the a police.

While playing, you will be suggested to earn some money to cover your needs in food and fuel. If you succeed and get even more that you need, you will get an opportunity to improve your car upgrading its gears or outlook. Here you have several options. What do you want to get? Perhaps, this is a disco machine or a rally car. It is possible to use several cars and other kinds of vehicles like boats. At long last, you will get a perfect simulation of detailed driving. You will get long roads of different quality. There are mud-locked roads and paved routes. Permanent death is possible, so watch out.

Controls: 3

Controls are quite hard to use and master. So, you are highly recommended to learn the tutorials and see the video instruction available online. You are suggested to use the keyboard to view a menu. You will find a player and car controls allowing to pick up, rotate, throw and drop objects, loosen and tighten bolts, use doors, attach and dissemble parts. Driving car, you can signal, toggle lights, clutch, brake, steer, and so on.

Replay Value: 2

The point is that when you assembling a car and make a mistake forgetting about some tiny detail like a bolt, you will not be prevented from continuing. And after a lot of time spent on this task, you will get a car which refuses to work because of that error. That is why you have to start all over again. That is a kind of a disappointment, but still, it increases replay value. The game is very hard so you will be engaged into it for hours.


This My Summer Car review highlights the advantages of the game – attention to details and quite strong realistic content. Still, there are shortcomings. You’d better let them down gently in order to enjoy the better options.

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