Cat Goes Fishing is a 2D fishing simulator game by Cat5Games studio published in 2015. In the game, you can play as a cute cat that has a boat and a fishing rod. Travel across the pond to find, catch, and sell various fishes to upgrade your furry fisherman. You can download Cat Goes Fishing for your PC on Steam and Android devices on Play Market.

Graphics: 5

Cat Goes Fishing game is designed using vector shapes colored in a pastel palette. It looks sharp enough on both big screens of computers and small smartphone displays. All fishes have unique designs, so it’s easy to distinguish them.

Gameplay: 5

Cat Goes Fishing gameplay is very simple and unhurried, though some fishes might challenge you. At the very beginning of the game, you have to play without a boat and use a handmade fishing rod. Catch as many little fishes as you can and purchase your first boat and a better rod to catch more valuable species. The whole game goes like this. The more fish you pick, the more money you make. It’s exciting to explore the pond deeper and deeper to find rare kinds.

It’s impossible to catch some of them without special devices, so you have to buy and apply dynamite and professional hooks. The process of fishing is rather simple. You have to throw the hook and control it until you find the right fish. Then you have to hook it on, pull carefully towards the boat, and sell it immediately. You also receive quests to catch specific fishes. Complete them to get experience points and raise your level.

Cat Goes Fishing latest version is not about dull fishing as you can customize your kitten with various hats! Play more to unlock them and try on to choose the best look. Some of the caps are rare. When you wear them, the dynamic of fishing may change dramatically.

Controls: 5

Test of PC and mobile versions for this Cat Goes Fishing review revealed that both keyboard-plus-mouse and touchscreen controls are very convenient. In the PC version, you have to use arrows to drive the boat and a mouse to control the fishing rod. In touch screen version you can do the same with one finger.

Replay Value: 5

Cat Goes Fishing full game walkthrough takes many hours, but a single objective completion takes not more than a couple of minutes. These conditions make Cat Goes Fishing a perfect time killer that may stay on your phone for months or even years.

The Bottom Line

Cat Goes Fishing is a perfect time killer for PC, tablets, and smartphones. It presents an adorable character and a greatly balanced arcade fishing simulation. Though it’s a straightforward game, it gained the love of millions of adults and children worldwide. You can play it anywhere you want offline and share your progress when online!

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