Bus Driver is a game in which you can become a bus driver. A game that will allow you to drive about twelve types of buses and more than 20 routes of varying degrees of length and complexity. Download Bus Driver to your Windows-based computer from Steam.

Graphic: 3

The graphics leave much to be desired. Very similar to the improved version of the GTA San Andreas. 3D models of buildings and people are quite wooden. The physics of the models is worked out bad.

For the game, you need the most simple computer, because the minimum computer requirements are: OS from Windows 98 to Windows 8. The processor is 1-1.5 GHz. RAM up to 512 MB, 128 MB video card and 300 MB of free disk space.

Gameplay: 4

The main task of the game is to transport passengers around the city. Follow the schedule and route, follow the rules of the road and do not get penalties, do not upset and do not injure passengers. Drive with about twelve different buses on more than thirty different routes, differing in duration and complexity. Routes vary in 5 difficulty levels. Your task is to drive a school bus, transporting tourists, excursions and transporting prisoners. The rules of the road in this game are strictly followed and are directly related to the gameplay. You will drive a vehicle at different times of the day and in different weather conditions.

There are also several different driving maps — a large city, with several different districts, a modern city, an old city, a suburb, an airport, a harbor, and many others.

Also in the game, there is a scoreboard with the numbers “passengers are sitting”, “passengers are standing”, “how much is getting off at the next stop” there are also indicators of speed and braking force. There are exactly as many passengers as there can fit on a bus.

Controls: 4

The bus is controlled solely by using the keyboard and mouse, and you can also control the joystick; we did not check the game steering. But we can say that when you control the keyboard and mouse, the bus enters the turns more smoothly.

Replay Value: 4

As you may understand from the Bus Driver review, the game can be played long enough. Missions in the game continue for about 5-20 minutes, and the duration of the passage will depend on your desire to gain the highest score and not receive penalties for mistakes made, as well as the difficulty of the track.

The Bottom Line

Download Bus Driver to your computer, you can drag yourself along for a couple of hours. The game itself is not demanding, so you can play it even on the weakest computer. The game has elements of an arcade. On average, Bus Driver can be completed in 9 hours.

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