Bio Inc. Redemption is a game where you have to infect a person with a different kind of disease. The game is similar to other games where you have to infect the population, but here developers decided to slightly change the concept. You will have to make experiments only on one person. At first, Bio Inc. Redemption game was available for download on Android and iOS devices. But now you can download Bio Inc. Redemption on PC. Bio Ink. Redemption was released in 2018.

Graphics: 3.5

Graphics in Bio Inc. Redemption is simple. The game does not use 3D graphics. The only thing you will see is a model of a person and various sections with diseases. The text is highlighted, and the icons are clearly visible. A human skeleton, its muscles, and other parts of the body have a nice detalization. Developers did their best and created a realistic human model.

Gameplay: 4

Bio Inc. Redemption is a medical simulator game, where you have to spread various diseases on your test subject or save its life. There are two missions. The first mission allows you to cure the person. You will see many symptoms, and your mission is to perform a diagnostic. After you have done that, the program will show you the list of diseases with the selected symptoms. Your goal is to cure the person before it dies.

In the second mission, you have to spread various diseases in the person's body. However, it is not easy because doctors will try to cure the patient before you kill him. While playing, you will get various boosters that will help you to kill the person faster. They also prevent doctors from curing the test subjects.

Controls: 5

Controls in Bio Inc. Redemption are as easy as it is possible. To play the game you have to use your mouse and select various sections by clicking on them with your LMB. If you play this game on mobile devices, you should use your finger to perform the same actions. It should be easy for you to get used to controls because of Bio Inc. Redemption game is not dynamic at all.

Replay Value: 5

You can play Bio Ink. Redemption as much as you wish because developers provided their players with different kind of diseases. After a couple of hours, the game becomes even more interesting because you have to monitor the symptoms, do diagnostic or try to infect a person with more diseases. In the last update, developers fixed some bugs and improved game mechanics.

The Bottom Line

Bio Ink. Redemption is a great time-killer. It is a medical simulator game where you have to finish various levels by curing or killing the test subject. We hope that this Bio Ink. Redemption review helped you understand what the game looks like.

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