The Artist is a mini-puzzle game in the first person. This game was created under the inspiration of games such as Myst, The Witness, and Firewatch. You are immersed in the world of the Artist. Here you are on an island where puzzles are scattered everywhere that you must solve in order to find your way home. If you make a mistake, you will remain in the world of the Artist forever. Therefore, you need to carefully read magazines and notes to look for hidden secrets and be inspired by the environment. You can download The Artist from Steam on Windows-based computers.

Graphics: 3/5

In this game, there are no drawn figures and backgrounds. All shapes are minimalistic and look like a different game - Human: Fall Flat. But even in this case, The Artist loses in appearance. You will not see the haze in the distance or the play of light and shadow on objects. Form surrounding things are somewhat unpleasant to the eye. Everywhere bright shades prevail.

Let's just say The Artist review has a positive side, this game does not need huge demands from your computer. So that there was a good picture the game requires 1 GB of RAM, 512 MB of video card and 100 MB of free disk space. With these minimal technical costs, even the weakest computer can produce a good image.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

The game is an adventure puzzle. We can note that this is a rather complicated puzzle, which is very similar to the old puzzles, where to complete the game you need to refer to the step-by-step guide. Tips are sometimes not entirely clear. You can go around the island in one minute, because it is very small. For each of the puzzles, you need to spend 15-20 minutes, because in this game you can not make mistakes. If you make mistakes, you have to replay, and it takes a lot of time.

Controls: 4/5

In the game, control is performed using the keyboard and mouse. We noticed that the mouse pointer is in the form of a small black circle. This is a big problem when studying dark surfaces. Especially if you know that there is an interactive area on a dark object. At some point, the pointer may be disrupted, and therefore Alt + F4 must be used to exit the game and solve this problem.

Replay Value: 3.5/5

Quite often you will have to replay puzzles to complete the game at the end. It can get very annoying. Since the puzzles take a long time to complete.

The Bottom Line

This is a good follower of old puzzle games. The game allows you to strain your brains and develop observation. Downloading The Artist, you provide yourself a couple of hours of intensive brain work. The appearance of the game leaves questions, but in principle, it is possible to find its fans. You can download The Artist from Steam, on Windows-based computers.

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