Raft is an exciting survival game where players have to survive on a small raft in the ocean. You can upgrade your Raft by building various constructions there and expanding it. In addition, players can explore different islands and collect important resources. You can download Raft for Windows and Linux platforms from the official Steam page. It should be mentioned that the game is not free to download, so you will have to purchase it before downloading it. Raft is still in early access. Developers regularly release various Raft updates that diversify the gameplay.

Graphics 4/5

Raft graphics are not 100% realistic. They are cartoonish and colorful. Nevertheless, they perfectly suit the game atmosphere. You can easily distinguish the objects even on long distances. Objects you can interact with are highlighted. If you experience performance issues, you can change the graphics quality in the game settings.

Gameplay 4/5

After you start the Raft, you can select the difficulty of your game world. In the beginning, your mission is pretty simple. You have a hook that helps you to collect resources that are located in the ocean. You can collect plastic, rocks, palm leaves, wood, and different food. After that, you will be able to use the crafting menu that is located at the top left of your screen. However, you cannot craft all the objects. You will be able to build a crafting table that will provide you with more crafting opportunities. You can also visit different islands and collect important resources there. Keep in mind that you constantly need to find water and food. Luckily, you can grow food and get fresh water right on your Raft.

Controls 5/5

Raft controls are pretty intuitive, so it should not be hard for you to play the game. In addition, the game can tell you what button you should use in order to interact with a particular object. You can change the key bindings in the game settings.

Replay Value 4/5

Since Raft is still in early access, you will enjoy replaying it only if you are a fan of survival games. In addition, the game supports cooperative game mode. You can play Raft with your friends. It makes it much easier to find food and resources. You will definitely have fun if you play the game in cooperative game mode!

The Bottom Line

We recommend you download Raft because it is a gripping survival game that can draw the attention of fans of survival games. Thank you for reading this Raft review. We hope it was helpful.

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