Payroll is a short humoristic office simulator game by GZ Storm and Astrojone. This game copies graphics of 3D games of the 90s and tells a story of an ordinary office clerk. Your mission is to explore an average office and complete some daily routines. You can download Payroll for Windows PC exclusively on Steam game store.

Graphics: 5

Payroll game looks like an average 1st person shooter from the 90s, but you don’t have to shoot anyone in this retro-styled game. You just walk around the pixel office filled with pixel employees, pixel computers, coffee machines, etc. In general, it looks very authentic.

Gameplay: 5

Payroll gameplay is very casual. Your objective is to experience the life of an ordinary office employee. You come to an average 90s office building, enter an average elevator, meet average colleagues, take an average working desk, and do an average office job. That’s what you see for the first few minutes of the game.

Eventually, you start noticing that Payroll simulator game is full of gags and nontrivial gameplay opportunities for playing various scenarios. One day you see B.J. Blatzkowicz in your computer and get the idea. I can’t tell you about all the particular features in this Payroll review to avoid spoilers. I’ll provide just a couple of scenarios.

During the week you have to visit the office, see the same faces every day and complete such routines as loading floppy discs, going to coffee breaks to chat with colleagues, carry papers around, etc. You have to behave like a humble dog. This routine will make you feel bored and tired in a week, so you can go and write a letter of resignation. If you do your job well, the top-manager gives you a gold watch as a reward. In another scenario, you can wander around with no work, go to the Lou, wash your hands, find a hammer, break a window and jump out from the 20th floor. Well done! There are many jokes like this in Payroll full game.

Controls: 5

Controls in this game are similar to all 1st person shooters. You have to use traditional WASD for walking, E for actions, and a mouse for aiming. Payroll also supports PC-compatible gamepads.

Replay Value: 5

This game includes different endings. The result of every walkthrough depends on what activities you do during the working week. In the end, you will see how many points you scored. You can get points for washing hands or loading floppy disks. To lose points you have to fail tasks and ignore people.

The Bottom Line

Payroll is an excellent game to have some fun in the evening. It presents an authentic atmosphere of MS-DOS games along with witty humor, cultural references, and other gaming-related gags. Positive mood for the whole evening is guaranteed.

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