Kingsway is a rogue-like RPG game that claims to be an operating system for organizing everyday tasks such as skeleton smashing. You can download Kingsway on Steam.

Graphics: 5/5

It’s neat pixel art with and fitting in-style retro look. It may look outdated, but actually, the graphics create the atmosphere and the feeling of nostalgia of old good RPGs. The interface looks like an old 95’ Windows operating system. The gameplay is shown by popping windows, which you should deal with. We should admit, the graphics is awesome. It complements the style very well as well as being very pleasant and comprehensible.

Gameplay: 5/5

The main objective is the same as in the most rogue-like games. You pick the character, develop their aptitudes, find baddies and beat them up. Except all of it is happening in just one window. Also, Kingsway has a strong sense of urgency. When the enemy is out, don’t expect the window to stay still. It will flow all over the screen blinking and showing how much time is left to defeat it.

The character’s system is pretty broad too. You decide which stat you want to develop and see the progress in the bar. Actually, you can turn your character into pretty much whatever you want. Yes, there are abilities dependent on your starting class, but possibilities to develop the character unique way are huge. Also, there are some items in Kingsway that allow you to go cross-class (like being a warrior and a mage at the same time).

Kingsway has more amazing features. For example, you can pass the items from one of your dead character to another alive. Moreover, there is a pre-character-creation store where you can go shopping for your upcoming new character, unlock some spells and bonuses for them.

Controls: 5/5

Controls are simple and intuitive. They are a classic keyboard and mouse. Navigate and click with the mouse, activate spells and items and move with the keyboard. There is not a single complaint about them in Kingsway reviews on Steam. Another plus to the game.

Replay Value: 4/5

We would like to rate the replay value 5 out of 5, but it would not be true. You see, the main flaw of Kingsway is that there is too little content. The idea, the performance, the atmosphere — all is great in the game. But what can you possibly do on your second or third run if you’ve seen the whole game already? It’s not like an average rogue-like game where you can spend hundreds of hours grinding the most unique armor or weapon. However, you’ll probably want to return to Kingsway because of its charm.

The Bottom Line

You better go and download Kingsway right now. Even though the game is a typical rogue-like, it’s not very harsh on the player. It means you won’t die so many times once you’ve learned all ins-and-outs of the game. So Kingsway is a good gift for somebody who is new to the genre. Moreover, the story in the game is very fascinating with the moments of surprising nuances. The endings are also great, adding some depth to the perception of the game.

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