Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game where your goal is to reach your new neighbor’s basement. Why? He is extremely weird and paranoid. There must be something hidden in his basement. But don’t expect it to be easy: multiple traps are waiting for you as well as the mysterious neighbor who changes his behaviour according to your actions. You can download Hello Neighbor on both XBOX and PC.

Graphics: 3.5

Graphics actually do their job pretty well settling creepy cartoonish atmosphere in the game. Graphics are amazing in the basement part. It’s a deep immersion experience with the help of the sounds. But they aren’t flawless. Many game bugs spoil all initial positive impressions of the game. Moreover, there are huge problems with the ported versions of the game from XBOX. The graphics have not only become worse, they’ve become plain bad.

Gameplay: 3

The game consists of 3 acts following the plot. The player encounters different puzzles and hides from the mysterious neighbor. Honestly, it’s flawed. It’s easier to count things that work well in the game than all the stuff that went wrong.

The main character must hide from the neighbor. The stealth system is quite unclear because the neighbor can spot you while being through walls. The punishment for being revealed isn’t death, just reset. But it’s unclear too. The game saves some of your progress when you’re restarted.  A keyword is “some”. You may end up with empty inventory while windows that you broke and stacked crates are in their initial state.

Objects can’t be moved if they are not in the player’s inventory. But there can’t be 2 objects of the same nature inside. So you must clear the space for every object you need to solve the puzzle. And believe me: the house of this suspicious man is full of stuff.

Controls: 1

Shortly, it’s a disaster. The game has no dialogues and tutorials, implying that it is highly intuitive to play. Actually, it’s not. You may realize that nothing works as it should when your task is, e.g., carefully stack some crates. There is no option to drop items so you can only vary degrees to hurl them. But now here comes the physics of the game which is completely unpredictable and just plain stupid sometimes. Crates may bounce 20 feet high or hit you. Controls are just bad, and they are ruining the experience.

Replay Value: 1.5

Let’s be honest: the game is raw at the moment so there shouldn’t be a talk about replay value. Many players are complaining that they can’t finish the first walkthrough because of infinite bugs. However Dynamic Pixels is now working on an add-on to Hello Neighbor called “Secret Neighbor”. The release is scheduled in 2019. We can only hope that the developers improve the original game with the release of the new add-on.

For now, this Hello Neighbor review may seem dark. Why should anyone play this? Well, the game has the charm. It’s a perfect game to spend some evenings with friends. You are guaranteed to have a good laugh at game bugs, stupid complexity of some puzzles, the neighbor’s alert music which pops up at the wrong time. However, it’s too frustrating to play alone. The game has plenty of bugs so your goal will eventually end up being not “reaching the basement” but “memorizing all the bugs to get closer to reaching the basement”.  It’s worth downloading Hello Neighbor just to see and decide for yourself.

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