Download BIGFOOT and get the chance to start out for a solitary expedition to hunt for Bigfoots with your friends. This is a hunting genre. The action takes place in the forests of wild reserves. The key goal is Bigfoot, but there are other achievements in the game.

Graphics: 4

We would like to say that the graphics are realistic, but they are not very much. The scenery looks like in horror games. There are marvelous and scaring landscapes. The characters are not too flexible. BIGFOOT is big and dangerous with light in his eyes, but it looks somewhat silly instead of making you feel terrified. Perhaps in updates, it will be improved and become menacing. You will definitely like lightning and thunder. Lack of any music matches this surrounding in a perfect way.

Gameplay: 5

Bigfoot is a hairy, ape-like creature which is supposed to dwell somewhere far away from the cities and villages in a primeval forest. It hits imagination and attracts those who have a thirst for adventure. This game is about such adventurers setting out in search of Bigfoot. Acting as a principle character, you will be sent to that forest looking for four tourists which have disappeared. You are equipped with rile, knife, flare gun, ammunition, night vision camera, drone, signal flare, campfire, and traps. You live in a research cabin – a kind of base with all you need. Here you are expected to hide from the creature. You will act day and night under different weather conditions. You can set traps, explore locations, protect yourself living in that forest. It is important to be clever and watchful keeping in mind that this creature is mystical and smart. Be careful not to become a victim.

Controls: 4

It is easy to master the controls. They are responsive and provide the fast reaction which is highly important in this game if you want to stay alive and avoid being caught by Bigfoot which applies some special efficient attack methods. Starting the game, you will see the menu on the screen. In order to understand the rules, you’d better learn controls in the tutorial.

Replay Value: 3

Here you will get the atmosphere of horror with that dark forest and sudden danger coming from all directions. But there is a lack of variety when stages are nearly the same, challenges are familiar. Thus, it depends on you. If you prefer that scaring effect, you will certainly try the game again discovering missed challenges and choices. Still, we would not insist that replayability here is too high.


BIGFOOT review invite you with your friends or alone to start an expedition to the wild forests and in the hope of success in catching Bigfoots. You can play it solo and with other players.


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