Emporium is a short game where you will see the uneasy childhood of the main character. Developers placed emphasis on atmosphere, sounds, and storyline. It will take an hour to finish the game. Emporium has a few different endings. You can download Emporium on PC platform. Emporium was released in 2017. Now developers do not release updates for this game.

Graphics: 4

Emporium is an indie game, so it uses simple but beautiful graphics. Developers decided to make the game dark. This feature allows the player to feel the horrific atmosphere, which helps you to understand the plot better. The game gives you an emotional impact thanks to the music and the storyline at all. Emporium game uses a top view. Some locations are beautiful and scary at the same time. For example, you will enter the small room with only one source of light that cannot even fully illuminate it, and the rest of the screen will be black, which will surely make you feel uncomfortable. However, the main disadvantage is that you cannot zoom a camera. Maybe it should be like that, but in some cases, this feature would be useful.

Gameplay: 4

Emporium is a walking simulator game, and there is no much gameplay. All you have to do is to walk and see the storyline. You will not get bored after a few minutes of gameplay, because developers provided their players with gripping dialogs and atmosphere sounds. These features make the game even more interesting.

Sometimes you will enter the same locations twice. However, this game mechanics help you to understand the plot better. You will also have to make some text choices that will affect the ending. There are two endings in this game. Once you have chosen the text, the narrator story will change. The game is gripping because of perfect ambient sounds, graphics, and interesting game mechanics.

Controls: 5

It is easy to use controls in Emporium. It is a walking simulator genre, so all you have to do here is to walk most of the time. You can connect your gamepad if you want to have a more comfortable game. If you use an XBOX gamepad, use a left stick to walk, X to run,  A to interact. If you play with the help of a keyboard, move with ARROWS or WASD, press SHIFT or TAB to run, E, SPACEBAR or ENTER to interact.

Replay Value: 5

If you are a fan of indie games, you can surely play Emporium twice. As it was mentioned before, the game has two endings, so you can replay this game to understand the plot better. It takes one hour to finish the game, so replaying should not be a problem for you. Developers do not update this game.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this Emporium review helped you to discover more interesting things about the game. Emporium is a walking simulator that lasts for an hour, so you can spend some of your time if you want to see the game with an interesting plot and gripping atmosphere.

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