Download Astroneer to become one of the astroneers who explore the frontiers of outer space. The main purpose is to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe without any exact goal. Players can create any things they want on distant planets and be involved in exciting adventures!

Graphics: 5

Graphics are very colorful, though, the environment can look a little bit similar. You can apply various effects adjusting the game to your preferences. Turn on settings in order to make the game look much better compared to the current state. Interface here is rather simple and clear. For example, you will see your oxygen meter, allowing you to continue playing, just on your back near a list of resources found and the power left in your mining tool.

Gameplay: 5

You will build a base, make terrain just as you want it to be, colonize the worlds generated procedurally. Being an Astroneer, you are expected to look for life in new worlds having only a small pod with oxygen and a mining tool. There are various important artifacts which will lead you towards your purposes. Along the way, you will face a lot of mysteries and raise questions. In order to survive, you will discover the resources which you need to continue your mission. It is vital for you to provide oxygen keeping you breathe until you get back. There are almost no words and talks in this game. But there are storms crushing everything around. They happen suddenly. You will know of them to come just several seconds before due to a low roar and a horizon getting dark. Another danger is caves where you can find minerals or fall and die. To get the achievements you must collect over 60 different items of resources.

Controls: 4

Indeed, there are two kinds of controls for different editions of Astroneer game. They are PC keyboard and Xbox console controls. You can find it a little bit puzzling, but there are a few moments you should know anyway. If you chose a console, you are to use a joystick and here left one is for moving, and the right one is for looking. In order to jump, press button. Also, cursor mode is available allowing to manipulate various objects. But it would be much better if you read the tutorial before playing.

Replay Value: 5

Taking into account a rather wide range of choices you can play this game several times and discover new versions of the scenario. There are a lot of places to explore, and this fact also adds to the replay value. As any survival game it is full of reasons to die, so if you avoid this perspective in one place, it does not mean that you will be able to repeat in the other cases. If you like the graphics and topic, you will enjoy replaying.


Having read this Astroneer review, you will certainly want to try the space survival game. You can do it in solo or co-op mode. Start wandering around distant planets looking for aliens.

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