Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is an ultimate sandbox game where you can make almost every impossible character fight: from Spartans and ogres to Jesus and Satan (multiplied by 10). Steam provides an opportunity to download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

Graphics: 3.5/5

Overall the graphics is good. But the animation can be tricky and slow from time to time. It’s not a big surprise taking in consideration how many units can be on the map at a time. There we face the other problem with UEBS. It can’t boast about the best optimization. Actually, even computers that are above the recommended system requirements encounter low FPS and animation delay. This way the models don’t look good, and everything looks like cardboard figures.

Gameplay: 4.5/5

You create a setting and choose the desired characters. Then you make them fight. That’s pretty much all you must know about the essence of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. But this game is not that simplistic.

For every character, you can set up movement speed, attack damage. It’s you who decide where the units will be situated on the map. It’s possible not only to recreate an epic movie battle scenes but just joking around. For example, you can give one duck a superhuman strength and make it fight against 2500 hundreds of ogres. Isn’t it funny?

The creative possibilities of UEBS are not unlimited, but they are quite expansive. You may spend hours trying crazy theories, setting up the battles that could not have happened in history. It’s just a lot of content you can explore and play with the parameters of almost anything. Also, you have an option to possess a unit’s body to take a part in the battle.

On the other side, the game has no plot. It’s all about crazy fighting and can become very boring after you’ve tried all you wanted. But if it happened, come and get some inspiration from countless YouTube videos.

Controls: 5/5

The controls in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator allow a player to navigate through all the units as well as setting up the parameters. They are simple and well-working. Their definitions one can find pressing the help button in the settings. Some of them you can find out only by trying out. For example, press N button (Nuke) in the game. All units will be eliminated in a second.

Replay Value: 3.5/5

Many Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator reviews on Steam claim that although the game is fun, they have no idea why to continue playing it. It’s really entertaining and creative, but this impression only lasts for two hours maximum. Yes, you can show the game to your guests or joke around with your friends. But you barely want to play this game again and again.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, this game is fun. But watching it is better than actually playing it. You may encounter minor bugs trying to get cinematic angles or setting a strategy. It’s just too many things in the game that don’t work out the way you expect them too. Anyway, we recommend you to download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator and decide for yourself if the game is good or not.

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