Download Space Engineers is a sandbox game. The action takes place in space. Main characters are expected to construct ships and stations, explore the cosmos, and survive on various distant planets. In order to perform their main task and stay alive, they have to look for resources.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are rather realistic and interesting in this game. Surroundings are unusual and full of space elements and emergencies. Most objects look like they are made of chrome and that is really cool. This game has a volumetric-based physics engine meaning that you can assemble and disassemble or ever destroy everything that you see on the screen. There are useful settings which can change the appearance of a planet a little bit. For instance, you can apply the reflectivity setting and any other processing effects to improve the look of a surface. Try things out to get more satisfaction. You will admire those volumetric objects which look just like true physical items.

Gameplay: 5

In this game, you are not limited in doing various things relating to engineering, exploration, and any other actions which help to survive on strange planets. It is important to gather resources needed for you to live, so that you travel through space and explore various lands. Here you are suggested two modes. Creative Mode provides more tools for construction and restrict your resources, while Survival one is connected with your ability to arrange your time, plan your actions, and make a right decision under various circumstances in order to survive.

Space Engineers is based on a real idea of space flights exaggerated to enhance the effect. Playing this game, you will really learn how things work in true life. There are some hints on modern-day NASA technologies. Characters follow the laws of physics carefully. You will hardly find any gross mistakes here.

So, start playing and concentrate on construction and exploration aspects – those are core activities. Though, as we have said already, this is a survival game, which can be considered as a shooter. You will face some danger and have to protect yourself. Developer providing this option still hopes that direct man-to-man combat will not be the main reason why the game is preferred. Use your creativity and build fortifications to survive on planets.

Controls: 4

There are a lot of movements and actions which are performed with the help of a keyboard or menu on the screen. This game is not polished yet, and you can notice that. Perhaps, not all things will be smooth, but you always can turn to the tutorial and learn how to behave.

Replay Value: 5

There are rather a lot of choices and options within both modes which increase replay value and offer a good reason for a player to restart the game for more experience. You will master your skills even passing through the same route.


In Space Engineers review we have described the key features. When you start playing, you will see much more details making this game even more engrossing. It can be played both in single and multiplayer modes.

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