Sneak Thief is a straight up stealth shooter and puzzle game for PC. Exercise your wits planning out the heist or challenge your strength smashing forward. You’re about to break into houses, mansions, banks and jewelry stores. For downloading Sneak Thief, you should visit the game’s page in the Steam Store.

Graphics: 4/5

According to users’ experience, the graphics is either a huge success or complete fail. Some believe that this simple style when there is nothing that hinders you from the main task — burglary is perfect for a game like this. Actually, they have the point. You won’t stroll and enjoy the view during the theft, will you? Others think that the graphics is way too simple. Taking into consideration, that the game contains no music, they insist that it’s hard for a burglary simulator to feel real with this kind of graphic.

Gameplay: 5/5

The gameplay is the reason we would recommend this game. It’s a really unique experience somebody with interest in crime and detectives should dig in. The plot is quite simple: you’re a thief who wants to steal from the rich people.

Every level features new buildings, another difficulty level. Be prepared, there is solid security on almost every level. But it doesn’t mean that for a success theft you must kill everybody. The main hindrance is the security so you can only eliminate them to finish the level. Also, almost every item in the building can be stolen.

The immersion feeling in the game is pretty amazing. At the beginning of each level, you know where the level ends, what is the purpose of it. The outer world doesn’t play a role there.

There are lots of challenges too. In this Sneak Thief review, we’re not able to cover all of them. But trust us, they are numerous and very fascinating. For example, in the first level, the owner of the house will face you while you’re casually digging through his belongings. Moreover, he has a gun and probably was a sniper before. Deal with it. Finally, when you got all or some of the valuable things in the building, your goal is to make it out unspotted and get back to the car.  

Controls: 4.5/5

It’s the standard set of controls. Keeping in mind the simple style of the game, you won’t need more than this. In the menu, you can change the default controls for the comfortable playing experience. Also, this way you can affect the mouse sensitivity if you have some troubles with it. However, there is no controller support.

Replay Value: 4.5/5

Sneak Thief is currently at early access on Steam. The developer claim that there are more levels coming soon. He also promises to make a more complex AI. In the current state of the game, you’re going to walk it through very fast but totally enjoy it. When you’re finished, Nicolas Rizzo would probably provide some new content. But it’s not guaranteed, as there’s said on the game’s steam page.

The Bottom Line

If you’re into the crime theme, enjoy smart games, then we see no options for you not to play it. You see, the game is not without flaws, but it absolutely manages to provide complex puzzles, not annoying stealth, great action, mind games. Anyway, you can’t get a full impression of the game just by reading it. Downloading Sneak Thief to spend an evening or two is definitely worth trying.


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