Scrap mechanic is a fun sandbox game with multiplayer option. Behold the world where you’re the main engineer. More than one hundred building parts await you as well as the realm full of creative ideas. Scrap Mechanic’s downloads on PC only increase each day.

Graphics: 4.5

Graphics are on another level comparing to generic building games like Minecraft. Instead of squares, the graphics seem actually realistic. This beautiful world is waiting for you to explore. However, you can’t truly interact with the environment because the game is all about creating. So all beauty around is just a canvas for your imagination. Quite a decent one. Yet there are some minor bugs if the project is too massive.

Gameplay: 5

You start in the wilderness. There are no signs of technology, just plains and forests. In your weaponry, there are only creativity and massive amount of building materials that surround you.

Scrap Mechanic doesn’t have a specific goal, so you do as you like.

The game offers you a field manual which will help you build the first object. Although even with the manual’s assistance there are still massive parts of information that you should memorize.

In the inventory, there are plenty of tools. The most useful of them are the lift and a hammer. Their effects are quite obvious. The innovation of Scrape Mechanic is the connect tool. It works with the interactive parts in the inventory, connecting them and getting special effects.

Gameplay has no particular limits. The developers have not written a list of what kinds of objects can be created. What you can build, no matter how insane it is, depends only on your imagination. For a little of inspiration, we highly recommend to visit the Scrap Mechanic Steam Workshop Community.

Controls: 4

Existing controls are fine. They are intuitive and do their job well. However many players’ Scrap Mechanic reviews are about lack of some crucial options. For example, the undo function is essential in a sandbox game like this. It’s risky to make a mistake here. Also when the project is quite big, controls suddenly start to lag noticeably. Because it involves plenty of objects, you must be very careful because even if you delete unnecessary ones, the game won’t stop lagging.

Replay Value: 3.5

The thing is you will never get bored with the game if your mind is full of ideas. There are plenty of tools to release the creativity, improve last built things and get insights during the process. But if you get stuck somewhere along the way, it’s easy to get bored and stop playing. The game doesn’t offer easy solutions so you should be really determined to replay after facing some troubles.

Scrap Mechanic is an excellent game to play with friends. It unleashes the creativity, bonds and provides you a really good time. There may be some contras such as occasional lags and required basic knowledge of mechanics. Don’t be afraid: the game highly rewards the most persistent. You are able to build a whole world according to your desires. The graphics are very good, the sound is nice, and the possibilities are almost endless. It’s a must have game if you’re a Minecraft enthusiast. You will probably want to download Scrap Mechanic again after your first walkthrough.


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