Rules of Survival is a multiplayer online battle-royal game. The main goal of the Rules of Survival game is to become the last survivor on the inhabited island. This royal battle game was developed and published by NetEase Games. The release date of Beta access is November 17, 2017. Rules of Survival coming out on three platforms: Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. You can download Rules of Survival’s latest update for free.

Graphics 5/5

Rules of Survival graphics look very realistic. There are a lot of natural effects, weapons, and effects. All colors are deep and saturated. Also, the characters have detailed face textures and weapons. We liked the way you use any evidence since it has unique visual effects and sounds. There is a change of day and night too. These animations, realistic graphics, and high-quality sounds immerse you even deeper into the Rules of Survival game world.

Gameplay 5/5

The Rules of Survival review showed that the game shares the basic game’s rules with all other battle royals game. To win the game, you should become the last survivor on the island. There are four game modes:

  • Solo: you play alone;
  • Duo: you can cooperate with one player. As such, to win, someone from your team has to stay alive;
  • Squad: you can cooperate with four players;
  • Fireteam: cooperation with up to five people.

The game also offers two maps: Ghille Island and Fearless Fiord. They differ by the size and number of players that can play it at the same time. The first map is smaller and allows only 120 players, while Fearless Fiord can play up to 300 players. Also, Rules of Survival offers two modes that are differed by the reward form. Golden mode allows you to earn gold; at the same time, Diamond mode offers the diamonds as the reward. The game starts when all players parachute from the plane on the island. As you progress, the island will become less and less in size.

Controls 5/5

The game has very intuitive and easy to remember commands, especially if you have ever played battle royals game before. If you play on the mobile, you can control the game from the touchscreen. If you play on the Microsoft Windows platform, use a mouse or a keyboard.

Replay Value 5/5

Rules of Survival has a high replay value rank. It is because the game has a multiplayer mode where more than 100 players play at the same time. Therefore, it is very hard to predict who becomes a winner of this game. Moreover, there are the in-game rewards that you can get by passing the levels. Then, you can use it to buy various improvements.

The Bottom Line

Rules of Survival is a great desktop and mobile battle royal game. It offers several modes that are differed by the number of players and rewards type. Also, the game has two maps. You can install, download, and play Rules of Survival for free.

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