Download Ratty Catty, a hide and seek game where you will go off in search of adventure with a domestic cat and a mouse – two cute key characters. The action takes place in a house packed with a lot of things. The goal is simple: a cat must catch and eat mouse – a classic case.

Graphics: 5

Graphics is rather cute. It is full of animated images brought to life. Design of the house is awesome with a lot of objects and items of the interior. Characters are able to make plenty of various actions when they are doing their part. They can even dance in a special style. There are secret mouse holes. And all those charades are arranged in very vivid colors. You will certainly enjoy being submerged into this animation world with rather an eventful plot.

Gameplay: 5

This game is about the conflict which lasts for centuries. Bad blood between cats and mice is a subject for plenty of stories. And here the situation is the same. Catty chases down Ratty. The reason is clear – a mouse steals foods in the house for its babies living in a little nest. In order to protect the food supplies in the kitchen, the cat applies various tools and skills. It is able to use weapons, explosives, to set a trap. There are even magic shoes which allow a cat to jump high in order to get in touch with a pretty thief. Mouse hides in plastic buckets, cardboard boxes, billiard table.

Moreover, it can even fly together with a parrot. Gameplay here is based on physics. It allows for moving small things if there is a need.

Controls: 4

You can play this game without difficulty. The movements are rather simple, and on the screen, you will have all needed instruction how to navigate the characters, where you should take your weapons and how to apply the provided hints and abilities to make this hunt full of activity.

Replay Value: 5

Here you will enjoy a lot of levels with difficulty increasing by degrees. On completion, the rating is assigned. It is clear that if it is high enough, your performance is better and you will get a range of exclusive rewards. The achievements allow you to be more powerful at the next levels. Thus, you can replay to get better results and learn the other capabilities of this game. Moreover, a player can customize characters and diversify the game making it interesting to play again.


In this Ratty Catty review, we have mentioned the key features of this competitive gameplay. It can be played by multiple players up to 4 and by a single one.

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