Quake is a classic 1st person shooter game by Id Software and Activision. You play as a soldier whose mission is to enter the Slipgate portal to kill monstrous creatures in another dimension. There is also a multiplayer mode that started the history of cybersport in 1996. You can download Quake remastered version for Windows PC exclusively on Steam, for mobile devices on App Store and Play Market or play it on old computers of consoles, such as SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn, Т64, and others.

Graphics: 5

Quake game was released in 1996 and caused a breakthrough on the market. It used to be one of the most advanced shooters. It was designed on a unique Quake Engine invented by John Carmac. It’s also famous for its soundtrack created by famous musician Trent Reznor, the frontman of Nine Inch Nails.

Gameplay: 5

Quake gameplay includes 28 main levels that are split into 4 episodes. You can also find four sub-levels in secret locations. Each episode is a dimension that you enter through magical teleports. You can play the game in four difficulty modes. The hardest one that is called “Nightmare” is hidden. You have to search for the entrance on one of the levels.

Every episode starts on a futuristic military base. You play as an unknown soldier who receives an objective to eliminate alien creatures. There is a portal to the netherworld. You have to enter it every time to start an episode. You have to clean levels of the undead, such as zombies, vores, shamblers, scrags, fiends, grunts and many others. Every enemy performs specific attacks that take off different amount of character’s health. You have to be nimble and switch between weapons to do appropriate damage.

In general, the Quake FPS game is similar to all modern games of the genre. However, the atmosphere of the inferno is unique. The game can make you fear the merciless undead that relentlessly crawls to kill the main character.  

Controls: 5

For this Quake review, we tested Quake latest version for Steam and mobile markets. The PC version requires you to use WASD for moving, Space for jumping, C for sneaking, and a mouse for aiming and shooting. Mobile controls are much different, there are two sticks for navigation and buttons for shooting, and jumping.

Replay Value: 5

This game is an excellent retro shooter that is perfect for a non-stop walkthrough as well as for quick-plays to kill some time during breaks. Unfortunately, this game is too old to provide you access to the multiplayer mode. The servers of the game are offline since 2001.

The Bottom Line

Quake is a pure classic shooter that became one of the most played retro-shooters today. Fortunately, you can experience it on modern computers and smartphones. There is no detailed story or complicated gameplay mechanics. You just have to walk and shoot horrible creatures to save the world. Isn’t it a perfect shooter?

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