Please is a psychological horror action adventure game by indie studio Mute Canary. As the description says, in the world of Please you must survive. Absurdly, you will probably have some troubles with this task. Let’s see why. Downloading Please is available on Steam.

Graphics: 3/5

Graphics does create a scary atmosphere, but overall it’s not good at all. In many Please reviews people mention how awful the graphics is, how it’s difficult to play with it, how it’s incomplete. Be prepared to see black gaps all over the place. The graphics varies from grayish to pitch black with the sudden bursts of blinding flashlights. It’s not fun to experience. Moreover, the textures in the game are so rugged you can actually feel it.

Gameplay: 1/5

The gameplay is such a big confusion. You are confused in the first location because it’s pitch darkness, but the only flashlight in here is walking by itself and doesn’t show any sympathy towards you. You will get confused by the number of bugs you encounter. By the end of Please, falling walls and the disturbing sound of the enemy which doesn’t disappear won’t be a surprise for you.

Mostly, the game is confusing because it’s ridiculously short (approximately 15 minutes long) and doesn’t tell any story. The game is frustrating because nobody tells a player what to do and, more importantly, why to do it.

Sound design is awful. The music is irritating, and the volume is so random that you better play the game with volume at 20%. The controls hinder you from solving the puzzles. Sometimes you get stuck because you’ve encountered a major bug either with controls or with the graphics. The jump scares are too obvious and annoying.

Controls: 2/5

The standard set of default controls contains a keyboard and a mouse which you can’t change. Please shows you the controls and their meaning at the beginning of the game. They are actually way too buggy. When you inspect a puzzle, be prepared to have troubles with the mouse. It freezes, and you should right click it and drag the camera all over the screen to get back to the normal state.

Replay Value: 1/5

You would never want to play this game again. The game is short, and incomplete in so many directions. It has too many bugs and minor crashes when the walls begin to move. Also, Please doesn’t offer some narrative at all so you wouldn’t be curious to find out something that you may have missed in your first run. Anyway, who likes to replay bad games?

The Bottom Line

There are just way too many complaints after downloading Please on Steam. The game costs too much for what it offers. Many people say that they wouldn’t play Please even if it were free. This game isn’t entertaining but quite the opposite. It’s raw, buggy, irritating. Maybe some “true horror fans” will want to spend some time to laugh at the stupidity of this game but it’s quite unlikely too.


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