Just Cause 3 is a 3rd person sandbox shooter game created by Avalanche Studios in 2015. In this game you play as Rico Rodriguez who decides to resist the dictator Di Ravello who conquered Rico’s home island Medici. During the game, you can explore more than 400 square miles of land and perform incredible stunts. You can download Just Cause 3 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

Graphics: 4.5

Just Cause 3 game is much more picturesque than the second chapter. The Isle of Medici includes five ecosystems with unique landscapes. All of them are very detailed and realistic. Though, it’s impossible to say “realistic” about physics. All vehicles in the game are very static and stay intact even after accidents.

Gameplay: 4.5

Just Cause 3 gameplay presents the most insane mechanics in the history of video games. The main character is not a superhero, but he can fly non-stop using a wingsuit, climb on rooftops using a hook, throw an unlimited amount of C4, and kill hundreds of armed soldiers in a couple of minutes.

During the game, you have to destroy military bases of Di Ravello. They are situated on the land, underground, and in the ocean. Just Cause 3 latest version also includes a huge base that is floating in the air and several DLC missions with unique locations.

You can carry and use multiple weapons, such as pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and C4. You are also allowed to drive tanks, armored troop-carriers, various boats, and fly helicopters and fighter aircraft. Such a wide range of deadly equipment allows you to shoot almost non-stop. You are free to destroy radio towers, Di Ravello monuments, billboards, and several buildings. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to explode every building on the island.

Controls: 5

PC and console Just Cause 3 review revealed that both keyboard-plus-mouse and gamepad sets are similarly convenient. This game doesn’t require you to be accurate to shoot enemies. You can even activate auto-aiming if you want.

Replay Value: 4.5

Just Cause 3 full game walkthrough takes about 10 hours if you play in an unhurried manner. You can also spend unlimited amounts of time exploring terrains, destroying bases, towers, and bridges. Traveling in the game is spectacular, so long hours of flying around are guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

Just Cause 3 sandbox game is the maddest video game ever. You can kill everyone, destroy almost everything, ride and fly everywhere, explode unlimited bombs and invent creative methods of completing missions. It doesn’t present an exciting plot, but the gameplay is unique. In general, it’s a great game to blow the steam off after a hard day.

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