Half-Life is a famous game that was developed by Valve Software studio in 1998. This shooter was one of the main games in the past century because Half-Life is a first full first-person shooter. The storyline is well detailed. The main character sees the situation, talks to NPCs, receives various missions, and, of course, shoots multiple monsters. You can download Half-Life on Windows, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Linux, MacOS, and other less popular platforms.

Graphics: 4

Comparing to other modern games, the graphics look old. However, the game was released more than 20 years ago, and you still can play it because all the objects are clearly visible. Developers tried to make nice graphics, and they surely managed to do it. Some locations are dark and terrifying. In other locations, you feel comfortable and safe. As for player models, they look not realistic at all, but NPCs have different faces. They can also talk to you. Each character has a unique voice. Some weapons look like there were made of rubber. Monsters can scare you, despite the fact that their game models look mediocre too. They can appear unexpectedly and swiftly kill you. The animation is old too, but the game is still playable, and you can get used to the graphics easily. There are many locations in Half-Life. Each location looks unique, has its own terrain, objects, monsters, etc.

Gameplay: 5

Developers worked hard and managed to create a nice storyline with interesting NPCs. They can tell you various stories, react on your moves, ask for help. While creating this game, the main idea was to make a perfect first-person shooter with a well detailed and unique plot. To make the game more interesting developers decided to add many locations, so the player wouldn't get bored. The levels change swiftly, which is nice for many reasons. The more levels you see - the more new monsters appear. You will find new weapons after each finished level.

The other interesting fact that after Half-Life was released, many people decided to create various modes. One of the most popular modes is Counter-Strike, where people should team up with each other and play as a terrorist or counter-terrorists.

Controls: 5

Controls are easy and common for all first-person shooters. Half-Life game is not an exception. You should use WASD to walk, SPACEBAR to jump, CTRL to crouch, LMB to shoot. If you find the keybindings uncomfortable, you can always change them in the game settings.

Replay Value: 4.5

Half-Life is a game that can be completed many times. And this is not because of graphics or big arsenal of weapons. Developers created a game with a great plot. Moreover, the game is really popular among the older generation of gamers. However, if you are a new player, you may not like to play this game for a second time.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this Half-Life review helped you to understand what the game looks like. It is worth mentioning that Half-Life is not a free game to play.

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