Gang Beasts is a beat ‘em up the game, the initial release date of which is December 12, 2017. This beat ‘em up, and party game was developed by Boneloaf and published Double Fine Presents. Since 2020 the publisher of the Gang Beasts game is Boneloaf. Gang Beasts are coming out on five platforms: three desktop and two consoles. You can download Gang Beasts’ latest update on Steam for the Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

Graphics 5/5

Gang Beasts has very bright and saturated graphics. There are a lot of animations and other special effects. Really, you will be impressed by their quantity! Overall, the game was made in the cartoon style. Such a large number of various effects, color saturation, and brightness will capture your attention very easily. Especially, it is related to children.

Gameplay 5/5

Gang Beasts belongs to two-game genres at the same time: beat ‘em up and party. The first game genre means that Gang Beasts has to feature the hand-to-hand combat between the player and a large number of opponents. The party games are excellent for social gatherings. That’s all made the Gang Beasts gameplay very addictive. All events happen in the fictional city known as Beef City. You will play by one of the bright gelatinous characters in a hazardous environment. The game features two modes: single-player and multiplayer. As such, you can create a dangerous squad with your friends and fight the enemies together, or you can switch into another mode and fight against your friends.

Controls 5/5

The game is available to play on three desktop platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you decided to install Gang Beasts on one of those platforms, then you can control the characters using a mouse or a keyboard. Also, the game can be downloaded on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where you should have joysticks. No matter what platforms you choose, the game the detailed instruction on how to play. Or you can browse it on the Internet.

Replay Value 5/5

In our opinion, Gang Beasts has high replay value. There are several main reasons for such a conclusion. First of all, there is a multiplayer mode that allows you to cooperate and play with friends. Secondly, Gang Beasts have very bright graphics and a lot of unexpected turnouts during the gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Gang Beasts is an excellent game in which you can play at home in the evening or on the party with friends. The game has two modes: a single-player and a multiplayer. You can download and install it on six platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. It has colorful graphics and high-quality sounds.

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