Gacha Life is the casual game where you can create your anime character and customize him or her as you wish. The Gacha Life game was published by Lumine which a well-known publisher of anime video games. This casual game is free to install, but it has additional in-app-purchases and ads inside. The exact release date of the game is unknown, but the developers continue to actively publish the improvements. The latest update, at the time of writing, was a couple of months ago. Gacha Life is coming out on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. Download Gacha Life on the mobile device or PC to enjoy the game.

Graphics 5/5

Gacha Life was made in the cartoon style, to be more precise, in cartoon anime style. Therefore, all colors are deep, bright, and saturated. The characters, like in anime cartoons, do not have the detailed face textures, ut their eyes are really big. Overall, during the Gacha Life review, we did not notice any graphics delays or pixels.

Gameplay 5/5

The main Gacha Life gameplay goal is to create and customize your anime character. This game is very useful for those who want to improve creative skills as you can create whatever you want. Gacha Life provides users with a broad range of customization tools. All starts from the gender select, then, you can customize the appearance of the character by determining the eyes color, hair color, length, and so on. After that, dress up the character! Gacha Life has a lot of different accessories, including hats and weapons. Also, you can mix the clothes. Already created the character? Let’s move on! Your next step will be the creation of the scene for your future performances. You can do it in Studio Mode. Life Mode allows you to explore various areas where your character lives.

Controls 5/5

The game is available to play on the PC and two mobile platforms. On the desktop, you can use a keyboard and mouse to drag and drop objects, move the character, and interact with other non-playable characters. On mobile devices, you should use a touchscreen for all manipulations.

Replay Value 3/5

In our opinion, the game has a low replay value. It is because there is no multiplayer mode or any global competition that can capture your attention for a long time. Firstly, it will be interesting to combine clothes and create anime characters, but then it becomes boring.

The Bottom Line

Gacha Life is the anime casual simulation game. It is completely free to install and use, but it contains the ads and offers in-app purchases. The game can be downloaded and installed on one desktop platform — Microsoft Windows and two mobiles — iOS and Android.

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