Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is a game that allows you to disturb your nerves. Now you must hide from animatronics and search for secrets and delve into the history of Circus Baby's Pizza World. Download Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location from Steam to your computer.

Graphics: 4.5/5

Regarding the first part in a series of games, the quality of graphics has changed for the better. The play of light and shadow, movement in the dark, everything is so drawn that it directly affects the atmosphere of the game. All this is scary and gives a feeling of uncomfortableness. There are no special effects, but in the review of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location it is worth noting that the developers have tried well over the appearance of your opponents, as well as the animation of their jumps.

For a good picture, you need 2 GB of RAM, 2 GB of the video card, 2 GB of disk space. The game is costly for the computer, but it gives an excellent picture. But at the same time, the game adjusts to weak computers.

Gameplay: 4.5/5

The gameplay has undergone major changes compared to the previous parts. Now the game is more like an "interactive movie". The player must perform the tasks issued to him at the beginning of the shift, while trying not to die from animatronics, which also makes the game more interesting, especially if you are tired of the gameplay in the past parts of FNaF. Although it is still Point And Click, you can wander around a bit, although the location is limited. You have to stay for 5 nights. At the beginning of the shift, you take an elevator to the control module to check the status of animatronics, as well as learn to control the hero. Later you will complete tasks and closely monitor the plot. Now you need to escape from animatronics, because they want to kill you.

Controls: 4/5

Control of the hero takes place using the keyboard and mouse. Also, if it's necessary, you can switch control to the controller, but we do not recommend this. Because the point and click game genre involves quick and precise pushing of the active elements, which cannot be done with a joystick.

Replay Value: 4/5

In fact, in order to learn the story completely, you need to complete the game at least twice. You will then witness two endings, a real and fake ending. In order to achieve the desired ending, you need to perform a series of actions and pass a series of tests and win mini-games. Getting stars gives you an additional level by passing the different endings.

The Bottom Line

This game is a continuation of the FNaF series of games, but has a slightly different gameplay. Now you can move around the locations to complete tasks, which was not possible in the previous parts. You can learn more stories from the FNaF universe. Now the antagonists are completely different animatronics. We can advise you to download Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location to fans of the series of these games. Good horror that can scare.

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