Dude Simulator is a sandbox life simulator where your main goal is to enjoy every moment. It’s up to you what you will do in this game: the developers claim that the choices are limitless. Be a decent citizen or do crazy things. You may download Dude Simulator on Steam to experience it firsthand.

Graphics: 3/5

The graphics is really minimalistic. Actually, for the small team of developers, it’s pretty decent and clean. But they could have tried better. Also, there is an issue with changing the resolution. Better not to touch it because the game has a bug that won’t allow changing the resolution back.

Gameplay: 1/5

All of the Dude Simulator reviews on Steam complain about how fast one gets bored in the game. The first thing you see when you’re in the game, your house and the life you’re living. You get out and see your car. The game suggests you get in and go for a weapon. Now when you’re armed, the freedom is yours. You shoot at the people and grab their money. Next thing is the jail which is waiting for you. When the sentence is done, and you’re out of the jail, feel free to start the cycle again.

Actually, that is all. Dude Simulator becomes repetitive and boring because there’s really not much you can do. Yes, there is freedom. Roam around the map, spit and punch people to death with a stupid thing like chicken. For a better weapon, you need money. But where does one get the money? Working? No way. This game suggests you get the money from strangers. But don’t forget, the cops are watching and want you in jail very badly.

Moreover, you can’t interact with or pick the most of the objects in the game. We are not mentioning that the environment design is really plain and there are already too few objects around. Some people call it cleaner GTA. Except you can’t escape the cops and therefore avoid the jail.

Controls: 3/5

Controls in Dude Simulator are not so explanatory. Actually, there’s no tutorial on the game. It’s like in real life: you get it when you try it. Almost all of the reviews mention that the controls in the game are sloppy and not fun. But they’re fine to navigate through the game.

Replay Value: 0/5

It seems that the developers just forgot about their game. Dude simulator has not received any update for a long time. According to bad reviews on Steam, the game quickly becomes boring. So there is no way we can talk about the replay value in this case.

The Bottom Line

Although there’s a small percentage of people who enjoyed the game, they still have a huge list of advice on how to improve Dude Simulator. Overall it’s a really raw game. It costs too much to download Dude Stimulator on Steam. Honestly, it’s not worth the money. Only if you want to prank your friend and gift the game. Even that way, better wait for the Steam sale.

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