Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a fighting RPG game based on famous Dragon Ball anime by Dimps Corporation and Bandai Namco. In this game, you can create your own character by choosing its race and changing cosmetic options. The whole game is based on battles around Toki-Toki City. You have to defeat villains who want to manipulate time. You can download Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Graphics: 4.5

Dragon Ball Xenoverse game is created with the Havok Engine technology. All terrains and characters look very close to the corresponding locations and heroes from the original anime. Developers managed to create 3D models following all anime guidelines.

Gameplay: 4.5

Dragon Ball Xenoverse gameplay consists of single-player and multiplayer modes. In both modes, you can create and customize characters. You are allowed to choose one of the races, such as Sayians, Majins, Namekians, Frieza’s race, and Earthlings. Every race presents specific fighting features, experience bonuses, and appearance. You can also choose gender, body type, hair (head and facial), cloths, and even the tone of voice. If you want to endow your avatar with classic fighting skills of your favorite DB heroes, you can become their apprentice and learn moves.

The story mode tells a brand new story that is separated from the original DB. Your mission is to save the city of Toki-Toki from villains Mira and Towa who want to capture the time storage to control the timeline. You have to unite with Trunks and other members of time patrol and restore the timeline.

To access the multiplayer mode, you have to enter the portal in the city. You can meet other players in the hub and join into groups to participate in cooperative missions or travel in time. You can also play versus battles in 1-on-1 multiplayer mode.

Controls: 5

Dragon Ball Xenoverse review of PC and PS4 versions showed that it’s similarly comfortable to play with a keyboard and a gamepad. All commands in the game are elementary. You can learn each of them in seconds and master them along the game.

Replay Value: 4.5

Dragon Ball Xenoverse full game long play walkthrough takes about 5 hours. You’d better complete all side-quests because they reveal interesting parts of the story and may give you Dragon Pearls for additional abilities.

The Bottom Line

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a great fighting game for fans of Dragon Ball anime. It presents a fascinating, unique story and new gameplay mechanics. It’s also the first Dragon Ball game for the 8th generation of gaming consoles, so it looks very juicy. It's undoubtedly the best game of DP series.

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