If you like a horror game, download Dead by Daylight, a multiplayer developed for up to 4 gamers playing against a person. The main character is the savage Killer while the other four ones play as Survivors. They try to escape the Killer and stay alive.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are really perfect. They are detailed, true to life and create the needed mood. You can add the right music, and you will get chilling environments which promise a terrifying experience. There are various visual effects, for instance, you are suggested to hide in the fog. In general, every scene is full of details.

Gameplay: 5

Here four persons play as Survivors with various features and abilities. The fifth player is a Killer. Being a powerful slayer, he is given a choice to strike first at a place he prefers. While Survivors have the advantage of understanding the situation around better. Their goal is to escape, and that is not easy at all because you do not know where you will occur at the next moment. Environment changes all the time. Players can apply various strategies. Survivors can make a deal and cooperate or refuse such an opportunity and act separately. The choice will decide on a chance of survival.

There are several levels which are procedurally generated, so you’ll never know what to expect. Any place will be unsafe, and the danger can come from either direction. This is the horror world and death is hiding in all corners. As a Killer, you can follow various characters and master the unique powers of everyone. You will be able to catch, hunt, and sacrifice the victims. Survivors can get particular skills, experience, and ability to see the environment in a unique way in order to hunt or just escape the Killer.

Controls: 5

Controls are diverse and depend on the character of the game. They are numerous indeed. Every scene requires a special response, and you can use the keyboard or press buttons on the menu. Be sure that you understand all rules reading the guide carefully. The game is available on PC, PS4 or Xbox meaning that you will have various controls. When downloading on the screen, you will see Help and Tutorials. You will find a lot of advanced mechanics there.

Replay Value: 5

The game includes levels which provide a deep progression system for every character and a lot of unlockables. You are free to customize them in accordance with your own strategy. As we have mentioned the levels are procedural, that is why you will never know which scenario happens when you react on the provided circumstances. Due to that peculiarity - when there is no idea how it will turn out - you may play endlessly.


We are not able to describe all options and achievements of the game in this Dead by Daylight review. And that is not the goal. We believe you understand that it is forth of your precious spare time. Do not hesitate and start playing.

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