If you like run and gun action game, download Cuphead – a classic example of this genre. It looks like cartoons of the 1930s and is based on battles between creatures in the strange worlds. It’s all about the debt of the key character Cuphead to the devil which must be repaid. Has it aroused your interest? Let’s take a closer look at it.

Graphics: 5

Graphics is perfect with those unusual worlds and their inhabitants. You will admire bright visuals including hand-drawn cel animation with marvelous watercolor backgrounds. There are cool soundtracks and original jazz music. Both of them suit the same techniques of the time. Altogether it offers a great value. Everything is designed with a sense of style. Everything is worth of your attention here including animation, art, and ideally matching the music.

Gameplay: 5

The player is suggested to keep the animated characters called Cuphead and Mugman under control while they struggle with severe bosses of various kinds. These creatures are able to behave and fight in a particular way. You will find much variety here. For example, early bosses are frogs, then they turn to be a slot machine, yellow tigers, huge carrot, and other unusual ones. Each monster fights to apply different weapons shooting rockets, electric balls, sending bee thingies and so on. The principle challenge is to collect souls for the devil. Why must the principle characters do it? The point is that Cuphead makes a bet. Losing this bet can cause eternal damnation.

The game consists of levels which become more complicated each successive time. Completing each one, a player gets more power which makes his victory closer. But at the very end, the Devil will make a special offer, and it is important to make the right decision.

Here you will see fantastic sceneries, powerful weapons created with a rich imagination. The characters are able to make super moves and find hidden secrets.

Controls: 5

Controls are rather nice. You can make mistakes though it is possible because of your own fault or lack of skill. Indeed, there are a lot of ways to behave in this game, so you have to learn them all. You can use the keyboard, Xbox One or PS4. The choice depends on how you play. You can shoot, jump, switch weapons, lock in place, dash, shrink, parry... In order to apply all the controls to the full extent, you should remember about mechanics which is introduced in the tutorial.

Replay Value: 5

Here you will find a lot of levels and mini-levels. In addition, there are lots of straight-up fights of bosses which are the most important characters in the game. There is a huge number of them. There are a lot of secret areas, extra abilities, and hidden achievements which offer new solutions and at that there is no way to regain health. The game was praised for its complicity, so be ready for hard work while playing alone or with your friend who can get a part of Mugman.


This Cuphead review has shown you that a game is developed with creativity and style. But we should add that it is considered to be very complicated. Still, it's a real joy to continue playing even when you are tired. The game looks perfect. We would say, it is one of the best gameplays.

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