Conan Exiles is a survival RPG game where you have to survive in a universe of Conan the Barbarian. It was released in 2018. Here you will face many difficulties. For example, you will have to craft many items. At the start, it will be easy to find some rocks to make an axe, but later the game will become more complicated, and you will have to search for rare and unique resources. You will visit many fascinating locations, like jungles, snow lands, deserts, etc. You will also meet many evil creatures on your way: enormous beasts and swift monsters. You can download Conan Exile on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

Graphics: 4.5

The graphics in Conan Exiles are almost perfect. We should mention beautiful landscapes. Developers did their best and created a realistic nature. Each location looks unique. Objects there have nice detalization. We should also mention the realistic animation. For example, the sand flies all over the ground while you walking in a desert. The animation of moving water is also fascinating. Moreover, Conan Exiles uses beautiful and pretty realistic shadows. The sun affects the shadows, and their size depends on the time of day. However, sometimes some bugs and glitches may occur in Conan Exiles while playing.

Gameplay: 4

In the beginning, you have to create your character. You can select the face, change various parts of the body, etc. The important part of the game is religion. The craft menu and equipment depends on which religion you chose.

You should control indicators of your character`s condition. For example, your hero may need some food or water. When this situation happens, you have to hunt some animals. You can also build construction in Conan Exiles. Developers provided players with three game modes. The first is a PVP mode, where you can play and fight with other players with the help of a multiplayer. The second is a PVE mode where you can survive in multiplayer. And the last mode is a singleplayer campaign. Many people complain about the combat system in this game. Sometimes it can glitch and you will not be able to fight properly.

Controls: 4

Controls are usual for survival RPG games. You can always change the key bindings in the game settings. There are plenty of actions, but you will get used to the controls thanks to the in-game tutorial.

Replay Value: 4

You can play Conan Exiles as much as you want, but it may become boring if you play alone. The perfect option is to play this game with your friends. You can hunt together, build different constructions, and explore the world. Developers update Conan Exiles regularly. They add new content and fix multiple bugs. So you will surely be interested if you are a fan of survival RPG games.

The bottom line

In  Conan Exiles game you will have to travel in different locations and face many terrifying beasts. You will also have to fight them to stay alive. We hope that this Conan Exiles review was helpful, and you discovered interesting information about the game.

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