Candlelight game is a platformer with many levels. Your mission is to play as a candle and light the world that is full of darkness. The game is not free. There are more than 14 levels. Each level is unique because developers provided their players with many interesting locations, and added many puzzles. It will surely take some of your time to solve all the puzzles in Candlelight. You can download Candlelight on PC and MAC. Candlelight was released in 2016, and unfortunately, the game did not become very popular among the gaming community.

Graphics: 4

Candlelight is a platformer game, so the graphics here are not realistic at all. To be honest, the textures in this game are mediocre, but you will not pay much attention to this detail because your Candle will be in darkness almost every time. The water does not look realistic at all. The terrain can easily confuse you because of bad shaders. Nevertheless, all the objects are clearly visible, and it should not be hard for you to move the Candle through locations.

It is worth mentioning that developers created many unique locations. For example, you will have to travel through the jungles, defeat the darkness in the forest, visit various caves and temples. Shadows in this game are not bad. They are dynamic and well detailed. Despite the fact that Candlelight uses mediocre graphics, it is still interesting to play this game because developers did their best to diversify it.

Gameplay: 4.5

The gameplay in this game is as simple as it is possible. The world became a dark place with no light, and your mission is to defeat the darkness with candlelight. You will have to complete many levels to finish Candlelight. Developers provided you with 15 levels. It is not a usual platformer where you have to travel and overcome various obstacles. You will meet a few bosses in Candlelight, and it is not easy to beat them because each of them is unique, and you will have to find a way to eliminate them all. You can use the terrain to do that.

Controls: 5

Controls in this game are easy especially if you use a gamepad. However, there might be some puzzles that will make Candlelight more difficult. You should use LeftStick to move, press X to jump, or press this button twice to perform a double jump. Even if you do not own a gamepad, you can play this game on a keyboard. You will see a short tutorial while playing, so it won't be hard for you to control the candle.

Replay Value: 3.5

The game may become boring if you play it for the second time. You will see the whole gameplay while playing it for the first time, so there is no need to finish the game twice. But you can surely replay it if you are a fan of platformers.

The Bottom Line

The Candlelight game is interesting, but the storyline is not gripping. We hope that this Candlelight review was helpful. You can install Candlelight from the official game website.

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