Download Aimhero and enjoy a perfect shooter. You will be involved in a classic training environment where you are expected to accurately engage the target. The main task is to master shooting as much as it is possible.

Graphics: 4

There is nothing to speak about as to graphics. You will see the targets of various kinds with certain challenges. The design is simple and expressive. A lucky combination of colors: bright blue with white and bright red details help to stick to the main purpose. There are a lot of geometrical forms and minimum details. You will see aiming sight and bead which help to hit the target.

Gameplay: 4

When we speak about training only, this game matches the idea. You are offered to practice firing accuracy within diverse circumstances but in one shooting gallery. There are challenges, tasks, levels, various weapons but still, you have no other things to do – just hitting the target in this shot gallery. There are no fights and opponents. Instead, you get a guarantee that you will be the best when playing any FPS games. Just before starting a first-person shooting game, spend some time on this training version, and you will feel the difference of the result before and after. You are provided several lives which help you to try the same task again and not to start the level from the very beginning.

Here you can set audio support. Choose any weapon you want in the menu which can be easily found. In order to get a proved idea of your progress, turn your attention to the detailed statistics which is arranged automatically after each training is over. The best scores are saved without your participation. You will see the diagram showing your best score, a number of total shots, hits, and misses. The system will calculate your accuracy in total.

Controls: 4

In order to be accurate check all the settings. You can adjust mouse and zoom sensibility or choose using a gamepad. Everything is explained on the screen you can easily master the technique. There are keys in the menu too.

Replay Value: 5

This game suggests more than 8 training modes and 3 difficulty levels each. And that is not the final offering. The developer promises to release even more modes. Now you can choose classic training, when the target appears and disappears on the screen. In addition, there are such variants as neflex, lightening gun, fast aiming, sniping. You are allowed to change the distance, target size, and other parameters of the training. It is possible to set a time limit.


In Aimhero review, we have tried to describe this training app in details so that you could appreciate the value of this simulation system. You have plenty of settings to make the task even more complicated. Master your skill and go on fighting.

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